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Gloria Frazier is one of the most influential people in local and national real estate.  Gloria, Linde Bowman, and the agent services team use a hands-on approach to put 40 years of sales leadership to work for you.

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We know how to turn your database, your sphere of influence, and your brand into a consistent flow of business. We have programs to help you generate business, coaching to give you an edge,  and tools to hold you accountable. Put our marketing expertise to work for you.

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Everyone promises training. We deliver. Our classes, workshops, and one-on-one sessions  are taught by experts with the results to back them up. Our top agents give you the secrets to their success. Training that will grow your bottom line: That's our bottom line.

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At ERA American Real Estate, we are a family. It's not lip service. We believe in our mission. It's hard to describe, but it's very easy to see. Spend a few days with us. Check out a class. Drop us a line.
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